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Please get in touch if:

  1. You want to participate as either a Bronze, Silver or Gold sponsor in the Drone Observatory©.

  2. Want to be included in a specific Drone Slide©.

  3. Want to sponsor our project, articles or the Drone Observatory©.

  4. Share your insight with us to be included in the website.

  5. Or just learn how we could collaborate.

Please contact us at:



Smaare Consulting, the editor of the Drone Observatory© have offices in Portugal and operates through a network of both local and global researchers and partners. If you have questions about our Drone Observatory© initiative, please get in touch!

The Drone Observatory© is an initiative lead by Smaare Consulting, firm serving the financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, critical infrastructures, public sector, manufacturing, technology & consulting, law enforcement and education verticals globally.

Our goal is to help drone enterprises  with the promotion of their ideas, solutions and products, within industries which at times might seem complex, inaccessible or difficult to navigate for entrepreneurs lacking specific insight from the institution or the market where it operates.

We endeavour to cooperate with the startups to fill that gap, working with entrepreneurs, governments, regulators and all key stakeholders together, in order to achieve a safer society.

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